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IX conference of the International Coalition "For Humanism!", May 2005

We, the participants of the Coalition, call everybody to pay attention to the lie reigning in the modern world, and to claim for the humanistic alternative.

We must explicitly name the lie, the hypocritical attitude towards law, the open discrepancy between the reality of eco-social-psychological actuality and its falsified presentation in mass-media and public opinion.

This lie confuses people and deprives them of their acting capability, inactivates people. It hides from them alternative possibilities. It has pathologic effects, be people aware of them or not. Beyond the censorship of consciousness the lie intrudes hard into hearts and minds.

The radical fundamentalists of various origin try to harvest people clutching at any straw by allegedly true answers to the rightful questions of people, turning people into their ideological prey. Thus the present confusion in a world of drugs, of cravings for money and power and other perversions of life is being increased.

In such an uneasy situation we offer the perspective of a humanist - authentic development to all the people who are in the justified and completely natural search for common human truth of being, for mutual understanding, friendship and justice.

We are going to explain persistently that the rescue from the further degeneration within the consumer society (which is doomed to suicide and global death) is our liberation from the lie, from false values and motives, that the rescue is human development in direction to the unity with the world, resonant and responsible interaction with the whole life on Earth.

Many people desperately wait to find their personal perceptions, the internal feeling of harmony and disharmony confirmed by others, wait for the like-minded people. That is why we call everyone to declare your adherence to humanistic values.

It is necessary to offer and promote as wide as possible the ideas of a living, warm-hearted and intelligent humanism in order to support each other and to strengthen humanistic positions. Any possibility, any platform or media should be made use of, be it the internet or everyday personal exchange, to help people find the life-buoy of humanistic alternative against the present-day commercial civilization.

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