International Coalition "For Humanism!"
About us
Dear colleagues,
we are glad to invite you to participate in our annual conference on 29-30 April, 2006.

Sharpening of the global crisis: catastrophe or transformation ahead

Any person interested in the subject may participate both as a listener or a contributor.
You may present the speech distantly in case you cant attend the conference.
The participation in the conference is free.
The organizing committee reserves the right to choose what speeches to place on the Coalition web-site.
All suggestions should be sent to the organizing committee.
Any informational or material support would be very much appreciated.

Appeal 2006

The organizers and members of the Coalition have been trying for more than 20 years to convince the authorities and citizens of the need to act actively - in order to prevent global catastrophe and to join everybody in purpose to pass on to the new civilization, which would be directed not at the self destruction as now but at the harmony and perfection of the society and people. We call that humanistic civilization. Our basic concept is that the modern commercial (consumer) civilization has no future. The moral and spiritual destruction is more and more evident. Authorities corruption, wars, insane enrichment of some and impoverishment of millions, new epidemics, global destruction of national cultures and domination of pseudo culture, drug addiction and alcoholism pandemic One cant think of serious change of situation while the main doctrine of life for many now is profit and economic growth.

The liberalism ideologists like to say: the democracy (read here: commercial, market society) is not the best, but nobody invented something better. However, the Coalition have been declaring the alternatives for many years and invites all like-minded people to collaboration!

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