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In our point of view, the modern global civilization is in a deep system crisis now, which is caused not just by single shortcomings of the existing public structure but by the fundamental principle of commercial exchange the principle of profit. This crisis generates such dangerous phenomena of today as terrorism, new fatal epidemics, drug addiction, environmental degradation, incessant regional wars, convulsions of the global financial system, etc.. A less obvious but no less dangerous component of the system crisis is the trend of modern culture and mass media towards forming of the man-consumer, instead of a Man with plentitude of truly human qualities. Such consumption-biased deformation of personality is pernicious for mental and physical health not only of individual people but for the whole society as well. One of consequences of this deformation and of the competitive struggle inherent to the commercial relations is the increasing dehumanization of our society.

In the opinion of the Coalition participants, the civilization develops towards such an ideal social system that is determined by Mans nature. We call this future social formation the humanistic society. Its main principle should become that of the all-around development of personality of each human being.

We believe that transition from the hopelessly outdated commercial civilization to the humanistic one is inevitable. Only the ideological and political activities of socially responsible people, devoted to the ideals of humanism, can reduce the risks connected with the obsolete system disintegration and speed up formation of a new society.

Participation in the events of the International Coalition “For Humanism!“ is a good opportunity to define your standpoint!

March 2008

Round Table of the International Coalition “For Humanism!“
"Humanism, Humanists and Authorities"

May 3, 2008 (11:00 - 16:00), Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Within the framework of the Round Table, it is supposed to discuss the principles of humanistic ideology and possibilities of its wide spreading in Russia. An important part of the program will be the discussion on interaction of humanistic organizations with various branches of the present state authorities. The event will take place in the form of the participants reports, as well as live discussions. Participation by correspondence is possible (poster session, statement soundtrack, etc.). To participate as a lecturer, it is necessary to coordinate the topic beforehand and present the theses to the organizing committee.


"Authentism as a humanistic ideology of the third millennium"

May 4-5, 2008 (16:00 19:00), Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Authentism is a modern ideology, the fundamental principle of which is the principle of persons self-matching (principle of authenticity). This ideology is developed in details now and based on the actual knowledge of Man as a biological, cultural, social and spiritual essence.

Anchor: Mr. Sergey Semenov well-known psychotherapist, philosopher, publicist, ideologist of the Coalition For Humanism!. Sociopolitical and cultural aspects of authentism, as well as probable scenarios of distribution and embodiment of these progressive ideas in the modern Russia will be covered consistently during the seminar.

Participation in the events is free of charge, preliminary registration is obligatory. Travel and lodging expenses are not reimbursed. The assistance in finding and booking a hotel may be provided if necessary.

Organizing Committee of the Coalition "For Humanism!"

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