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Coalition is founded in order to coordinate efforts of those who understand that contemporary consumer individualist civilization is going through a global crisis. This crisis can be overcome only by a conscious transition of the world community to the new organization in which the creating of conditions for realization of man's eternal aspiration for Harmony would be a more important goal than economic efficiency.

Nowadays more and more scientists, religious and political leaders realize the gravity of the crisis (in spite of the outstanding achievements of science and technology).

We believe that ecological catastrophes, the privileged position of the military industry, the increase of crimes, alcoholism, suicides, addictions, the retreat and isolation of the real culture in the face of the entertainment industry - are all symptoms of self-destruction of the civilization based on market competition and individual profit where economic efficiency is the main criterion of progress. Such organization of mankind inevitably causes and reproduces consumer-selfish attitude of men and nations to each other as well as towards the nature. This is why one can name the contemporary society consumer civilization and the crisis that has affected it - the global one.

It is obvious that neither a single country, be it even highly developed, nor a group of countries will be able to overcome the crisis by themselves, for we live in a highly integrated world.

Today as never before it is necessary to spread the humanist concept of the future civilization that presupposes favoring the development of a man as a Personality, not as a consumer or a living commodity, that is favoring his natural spiritual growth and not artificial stimulation and perversion of his animal needs.

We consider that the way to a new spiritualized civilization begins with humanization of mass media and the system of education and these are some of the main tasks of the Coalition.
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